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Power-Generating Cyborg Beetles


When I was myself but a larva, I would occasionally affix a length of thread to the leg of a green June beetle and toss it into the air such that it would instinctively take flight, and then walk around with it as it orbitied my head like a tiny helicopter.

That was entirely unproductive.

What I should have been doing is this.

At the age of 7 I would’ve had very little use for a cybernetically-enhanced, explosives-detecting beetle, I could’ve used a flotilla of 15,000 of them to power my portable cassette deck.





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….And so it begins…

This, I’m sure, is not the most glamourous way to kick off this project, but it’s a well-structured, entry-level physics paper that should appeal even to the lay person– it’s a GREAT argument for why science and reason are the most remarkable and wonderful things to arise from the human brain–some of the few things worth preserving.

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