Post-Human Pub

No people? No problem!

What Is This Place?

We are a website and community devoted to creative, escapist misanthropy and such topics as astronomy, theoretical physics, transhumanism,  speculative exobiology, real exobiology, genetic artistry/body-modification, computer science/cybernetics, and post-apocalyptic art, music and literature. Basically– the finer things in life.

Human society is a cesspool; humans themselves are myopic bags of meat, driven by blind ambition, irrational prejudices, insane belief systems, and herd mentalities.  Inside the Post-Human Pub, we relax, leave them to their inevitable self-destruction, and focus on the future.

Think Science, with a twist of post-punk iconoclasm;

Think post-religious reverence for the order of the wider Universe.

Don’t just sit there; help us out–and fucking think.


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